Territorial Army (PIB) Examination

Title:Territorial Army (PIB) Examination Book

Edition:6th Edition

Publication Year:2020


Pages:800 pages



Binding: Paperback

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Territorial Army (PIB) Written Exam Preparation

The youth of the country can realised his dreams of serving the nation best by becoming the part of the Indian Territorial Army and this is possible through the Preliminary Interview Board (PIB) Examination conducted by Territorial Army Group Headquarters.

Now-a-days, due to the increase in the number of candidates and the lack of knowledge of syllabus and exam pattern, one has to face a tough competition. A customised study for the test can only guarantee the success in it.

In nutshell, this book will make the aspirants competent enough to crack the uncertainty of success in Territorial Army Written Examination.

The work in your hand will be a unique compilation of objective type questions, categorised in different ways for better understanding. The book is based on the latest syllabus and the pattern of Territorial Army Written Examination.

This book is specially designed for Territorial Army Written Exam having objective type Questions with following features-

The Only Book Having Perfect and Rapid Resource for Territorial Army (PIB) Interview & Written Exam Preparation-

Key Features of the book & Study Material

  • About Territorial Army
  • Syllabus and Written Exam Pattern
  • Objective Type Questions
  • General Knowledge
  • English
  • Reasoning
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Updated Current Affairs
  • PIB Interview Questionnaire (PIQ) Form
  • PIB Interview Pattern & guidelines Questions
  • Previous Years’ Solved Question Papers

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Territorial Army (PIB) Examination Book

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